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Do you have any classic references for mathematical approaches in bioinformatics that are applicable to linguistics (or vice versa)?

I am mainly interested in approaches to reconstruct the history of languages, the rate of language mutation, phylogenies of languages, etc.

{ asked by XL _at_China }


There are a number of more recent papers dealing with phylogenetic methods in reconstructing language history as well, including work by Colin Renfrew and Quentin Atkinson.

Here are two recent high-profile papers. Unfortunately, both are still behind paywalls, but even reading the list of papers they cite / that cite them would be a great way to answer your question.

Maybe not quite as high-profile, but available online, one of my classmates did his (superb) undergraduate thesis as a Biology/Linguistics double major in exactly this topic. I think it could be a very useful place to start, although there have certainly been developments in the field in the last six years:

See also the wikipedia page Quantitative Comparative Linguistics, this Stanford how-to, and this interesting article Linguistic Phylogenies Are Not the Same as Biological Phylogenies.

{ answered by Oreotrephes }