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I've been trying to put a phylogeny tree into a scientific paper. This tree includes ~220 species, which is too too large for one page for journal articles (Letter or A4 size). But in my paper it is crucial to show the whole tree on which the among-species distribution of a characteristic is indicated. I have looked up some journal issues but so far haven't found any similarly large phylogeny in one article. How do people usually treat this kind of situation in scientific papers? Could anybody tell me how to do it, or show me examples? Thank you so much.

{ asked by Ecologist }


The simplest way of course is to add it to the supplementary materials. However, 220 species are not that many, you should be able to fit that into a page. You have not shown us your tree so it is kind of hard to give specific advice but I am guessing that you have a linear rather than circular tree. If you convert it to a circular tree you should be able to fit it on a single page.

Here are a few random examples of large circular trees I found on the internet:

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

If you update your question to show us the actual tree I might be able to give you more specific advice. For example, you could split the tree into smaller ones, each showing a specific order or class or whatever resolution you are working on. There are various tricks you can try but they all depend on the details.

{ answered by terdon }