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As we all know, a few species of snakes swallow rodents as a whole. My question is what happens to the teeth and bones of these animals? Won't they cut into the flesh of the snake and hurt it? Are the digestive acids strong enough to dissolve bones and teeth? Even so, I'm sure the process takes time, and during this period won't the snake get injured?

{ asked by amal antony }


Almost everything the snake eats is completely digested. They have a very efficient digestive system. Things that wouldn't be digested would be the rodent's claws and hair and feathers of birds. And during digestion, the snake's intestines go into overdrive mode and expand when necessary. When the snake isn't eating, the intestines are usually dormant.

If something goes wrong though, or if the snake is threatened, the snake regurgitates everything in order to increase its mobility.

{ answered by Robinabo }