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This days I read some debates on evolution. That made me more interested to read something reliable on topic - I mean books.

I'm christian - although I think it doesn't matter on that topic - and I would like to read a book that presents all weaknesses and strengths (as much as possible) of evolution. I want that not to be presented as a debate on creationism, but to be a book on evolution theory explanation and presentation.

I also would appreciate if you know to give some details about the author that wrote the recommended book. I mean if he/she is atheist or a christian or a skeptic.

{ asked by artaxerxe }


You won't find a good book that presents the 'weaknesses' of the theory of evolution, and for good reason. There has to date been no convincing challenge to the theory, whilst it has been supported by experimental and circumstantial evidence as well as clear logic over and over and over again, as well as actually being observed taking place numerous times. The closest to what looking for is a book which presents our best understanding of how evolution works, or which discusses competing ideas about how evolution works - there's no question about whether it works.

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, whilst it contains some errors, has some very clear thinking about evolution in it, and in particular explains why group selection is a misguided idea.

The Logic of Chance: The Nature and Origin of Biological Evolution by Eugene Koonin is a more up-to-date coverage of our current understanding of evolution, in particular with insights from modern genomics.

There are plenty of terrible books about the weaknesses of evolution, but they are deeply flawed. Pick one and I'll be happy to debunk it for you.

{ answered by Richard Smith }