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Following up on How many human proteins have a solved 3D structure?,is there a list of very well characterized human proteins / protein complexes?

My criteria for "very well characterized" includes, at least:

This list would most likely include such proteins or protein complexes as:

to name a very small number.

{ asked by Thomas Ingalls }


To address your list:

But, I think the key to a good answer lies here:

(probably most importantly) a general consensus among experts that it is well described

I would check how often the genes are described in the literature. The GeneRIFs from NCBI may be a good starting point, because these are snippets from the literature that are curated and shown on the NCBI Gene pages. E.g. p53 has >3800 of these. The length of the summary could also be a good proxy. (Or, the length of the Wikipedia page?)

{ answered by Michael Kuhn }