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I can't play chess very well, and want a computer game to play against. I've tried two so far - Chessbase (Fritz 5.32) and Crafty Chess. Both had the same problem that even on the lowest difficulty setting, the computer trashed me.

I'm running Windows XP. Here are my criteria:

If it could have a nice clean interface without clutter everywhere, like the current move list and advanced AI options and what not - which might be great for advanced players but I have no need for - that would be nice.

If you know of a program like this for other operating systems, go ahead and post them for future readers... but I'm on XP.

{ asked by Jack M }


Download Babaschess, sign up for the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) and start playing unrated games against real people. :)

{ answered by Tyler C Langan }