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I somewhat understand the concept of attacking the king and pieces, but "attacking" squares is a bit of a vague concept for me.

What are weak and strong squares? When do you use them? How do you create them?

{ asked by Rafiek }


Weak squares are squares which cannot be defended by a pawn. [1][2]

... that all of the squares behind the pawns are weak by default.

Counter-intuitively: Strong squares are squares which are defended by a pawns.

These square are very powerful places for opponents Knights or Bishops. No pawn can attack to these pieces. In below position, square d6 is a weak square for black and also strong square for its opponent.

1r1q2k1/1pbr2pp/2pNp3/p1P1Pp2/PP1P4/3R1QP1/6KP/1R6 w - - 0 1

or square f5, h4 and e6 are some weak squares for black and also f3 and d4 for white (however it's too late for black to put his Knight there)

1n3q2/p6p/1p1p1pk1/3PpN1p/4P3/1PQ3P1/P4P2/6K1 w - - 0 1

They're useful to place a Knight or Bishop in near the heart of opponents position. Usually making a weak square in the opponents land needs long term strategy. You have to force the opponent to pass its pawns...

{ answered by M M. }