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Is there a Chess GUI for Windows that shows both the board from white's perspective and black's perspective side by side, without the need for flipping?

{ asked by patrickinmpls }


The closest I've gotten to something like this is having separate accounts on whatever chess server you're using.

If you're using, say, FICS, you have two instances of your favorite client running, the first client is your main one and the second one you just join to the game through another account as a "watcher".

This requires a bit of manual labor, though. A more automated way is done through exploiting the macro functionality of most modern clients. You could, say, run the second client in the background at all times, and have the first client send an invite to the second to join the game, and the second client set to automatically accept invites coming from the first account.

At the very least, I think Winboard and BabasChess are capable of this. Others almost certainly are.

{ answered by Mikey T.K. }