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I've just been playing for fun online a little bit, and was wondering how hard the computer I've been playing against is. NOTE: This was made for a javascript competition, and doesn't include castling or en passant capture.


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As a programmer, trying to write a chess engine by Javascript which runs on client's browser is very interesting. It has only 1018 bytes!

The engine doesn't obey the rules thoroughly (however we can ignore at this time). On the other hand it plays immediately and doesn't consume time to find better moves. It just trying to avoid obvious and basic blunders and probably it can find mating moves.

I suspect it uses any popular approach such as min-max search trees to evaluate moves. It's a very simple program and most of newbies can defeat it easily.

So, if you're not a programmer and following for a chess engine, don't count it as a real chess program.

{ answered by M M. }