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Which are the most common situations in which pieces are worth more/less than their value, in point?

For example, I know that a protected Knight on 6th rank (3rd for Black) of columns d and e may be worth at least as much as a Rook (thus 5 points). The same for a very strong fianchettoed Bishop. Another example: a Rook on 7th rank (2nd for Black) usually is worth a Pawn more than its normal value, while 2 Rooks there may be worth 3 Pawns more than their normal combined value (if opponent's King stays on 8th or 1st row respectively, of course).

Are there other similar situations?

{ asked by shuuchan }


While I don't think it's reasonable to list every noteworthy situation, here are a few more that will probably be good general guidelines. You can use rules-of-thumb like this in order to evaluate material imbalances in your own games:

Those are all of the strange imbalances I can think of off the top of my head. I omitted things like rook and pawn vs two pieces or knight vs bishop because those are fairly common, and those especially depend on the position. Again, every position needs to be considered on its own, this is just to get you in the right frame of mind when you have to make a determination.

{ answered by Andrew }