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In German you may say Auf Wiedersehen or Guten Tag when leaving. Both seem rather formal and may be inappropriate in a non-formal context.

What would be the alternatives? In what context can we use each of them?

{ asked by Takkat }


There is a myriad of answers for that. Just try to summarize:

Also, loads of foreign language phrases are used (whatever someone thinks is "cool"), like:

Or anything else, I've even heard friends leaving with:

So, you see, there is no exact answer to that. Just listen to what people around you are saying, as it really varies from region to region, age to age and even from clique to clique!

Usually, "tschüss" is accepted everywhere, though, especially if you're not a native speaker. It probably isn't a good idea trying to pronounce "pfiat di" with a foreign accent. ^^

Edit I've added some marks to make the usage clearer.

° = pretty informal, maybe a bit immature

°° = very informal, use it only with good friends, may also be considered immature

°°° = usually way over the top for use by yourself, but don't be offended if you hear it

{ answered by ladybug }