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I've been toying with learning German for a few months now, and I'm trying to use my basic knowledge to update the translation to one of my iPhone apps. What word should I use for "manual" as in "set this value manually instead of automatically" (I'm just showing the single word/phrase "manual" on the screen.)

Google Translate offers "manual" and "von Hand". My Berlitz German-English dictionary calls a manual a "Handbuch" (which is obviously wrong, as it is a noun, which is not what I'm looking for). It also says "mit der Hand". (That seems a bit unwieldy and long for where it's going.)

What is the best phrase to put on a menu along with "Automatisch", and "Stadt"? The menu looks like this:

( Automatisch | Stadt | {manual})

Should I just write "Hand"? von Hand?


This portion of the app allows the user to set their latitude and longitude either using the device's GPS, selecting from a list of cities, or by manually entering it.

{ asked by Moshe }


These are the most common synonyms for the adjective "manual" in German:

von Hand
mit der Hand
per Hand

It sounds like "manuell" is the best option for your menu (be aware of the "ell" ending instead of the "al" ending in English).

Nonetheless you should explain the use of "Stadt", because it's an unusual menu item and I guess you mistranslated that one. It means "town" or "city". If that's what you want, go with it.

{ answered by John Smithers }