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After the match Dortmund–Bayern München (1:0) of yesterday, I read that this victory has marked a "Vorentscheidung" for the race to the German football championship. But what exactly is meant by "Vorentscheidung"? Do there exist different meaning variants?

{ asked by AGuyCalledGerald }


LEO translate it as preliminary decision.

After the defeat of Munich there is now a 6 points difference between Dortmund and Munich and four games are left in this season. That means Dortmund needs two wins and one draw to win this season. And that's very likely. Only if Dortmund looses two of their games Munich get a chance.

So Vorentscheidung means that we believe to know the final result.

You can hear Vorentscheidung also during a game. Let's say in the 70th minute a team shoots the 2-0. Then you are pretty sure that they will win this game.

Vorentscheidung can happen anywhere. The only condition is that the final outcome isn't clear yet but it seems to be obviously who will be the winner.

{ answered by Em1 }