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I have a cider in the fermenter that has been there for almost two months. I am ready to bottle it now but during the half way point I took a sample out of the spigot to check the FG reading.

My question is what is the best way to clean the spigot before bottling, and I guess do I need to clean it?

My cleaning solution is a mixture of Tri Sodium Phosphate to clean then I use sodium metabisulphate to sterilize the equipment.

The cleaning solution requires hot water then soaked in the solution then rinse with hot water then sterilize. Its not going to be easy to do this on a spigot so what are some easier (but still thorough) ways of cleaning it.

{ asked by WillNZ }


You should probably just rack to a second sanitary bucket, especially if you plan to add additional sugar to the cider for carbonation.

Ideally, you use a separate bucket with a spigot to which you can then attach a "bottling wand". This allows you to fill the bottle from the bottom upwards, which significantly reduces the amount of oxygen that is absorbed in the cider. Also, the wand only fills when you push the base of the bottle against it, so is much more convenient than using a siphon, or opening/closing a tap.

Bottling wand

{ answered by mdma }