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I'm looking for some feedback. I usually do kit brews for now but I am looking to get into building my own recipes. This is my first go around on that. I want to do an oatmeal stout and I'd like to keep it creamy and chocolately and not bitter.

Just want to get some of your opinions? Where and I screwing up here? What would you do differently?

Any pro tips here to brewing/creating oatmeal stouts?

Thanks! ~ Tom


Partial Mash Recipe


{ asked by tomcocca }


You need to be aware that flaked oats (or any flaked grains) can't be steeped. They need to be mashed with a diastatic malt to convert the starches into fermentable sugar. Unfortunately, the 1/4 lb. of MO you have in there isn't enough to do that. with 2 lb. of flaked oats. I'd use at least 1.5 lb. of MO or a good domestic pale malt.

{ answered by Denny Conn }