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Can I use my old water bottles to bottle my beer? Like Dasani or Aquafina type water bottles.

{ asked by Riley M }


I would strongly recommend brown glass bottles for bottling (hey why not ditch bottles and switch to kegging!). As mentioned there are many potential issues with reusing plastic bottles.

  1. Water Bottles are not designed to hold pressure. I keep my kegs around 11PSI. Homebrewers always recommend to be careful with naturally carbed bottles as they might become bottle bombs. Glass Beer Bottles are designed for pressure and they don't explode, I just don't see plastic handling it.
  2. Screw Top vs Pry Off. Screw tops are awfully convienient, but look in your craft beer section at the grocery and see what's being used professionally: Pry-Offs. This is because they hold pressure better and tend to have fewer issues with oxidation
  3. Light. Why spend tons of time making great beer and let it get all skunky from light exposure. Protect your beer, it's your baby. Put it in brown glass. Stainless is even better but I understand not everyone wants to keg.
  4. Sanitation (part 1): As mentioned by baka plastic tends to scratch. this is a concern because it gives the nasty funky bugs a place to hide from your sanitization efforts. Glass doesn't scratch readily so it provides a better nonporous surface to sanitize.
  5. Sanitation (part 2): Is your sanitizer safe to use on the plastic employed in the water bottles? I don't know either.
{ answered by Kevin Colby }