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I have a recipe that calls for 12.2 pounds of liquid malt extract. I picked up only 12 pounds (2 X 6 pound jugs) but didn't want to waste a bunch for only 0.2 pounds. Originally I was thinking it would result in a lowered alcohol content without the sugars in the 0.2 pounds of extract, so then I thought it might be a good idea to substitute using a sugary adjunct.

Can I replace the remaining 0.2 pounds with some other sugar source, such as molasses or maple? This is for a Belgian strong dark ale, but I'm OK with it having some uniqueness.

{ asked by Matthew }


Many LMEs provide about 1.036 PPG. If this is a five gallon batch, you're talking about a drop of 1.4 points (36*.2/5). Not much to make a big difference in taste IMO. If you want to replace that lost sugar using molasses or syrup, find the points of the sugar and work backwards. Brown Sugar is 46 ppg so you would need .156 pounds to make up the difference (1.44*5)/46. Molasses is 36 ppg so you would use .2 pounds assuming your LME is also 36 ppg. Again, given the small amount, I don't think it'll make a huge difference either way. I used Brew Calculus for ppg numbers.

{ answered by awithrow }