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It is my understanding that if one is fermenting (primary) with a bucket with a plain lid on it that it is necessary to leave a small gap (i.e. to leave the lid open a bit)

Is this an adequate solution to help fermentation and is there any other way I can avoid the contamination of the beer during fermentation?

{ asked by Danger Fourpence }


Sure, you can do an open ferment with the bucket lid partially open. Be certain to pitch plenty of yeast, and airate the wort - you want a short lag time before the yeast start fermenting, to ensure no other microbes take over the wort.

Once fermentation has started, the co2 produced will keep airbourne microbes out of the fermentor.

For a normal gravity beer, under 1060, bottle after 2 weeks to avoid the chance of oxidizing the beer. During fermentation, the beer is protected by a layer of co2, but after the co2 stops being produced, the open ferment allows that layer to dissipate and be replaced with air.


{ answered by mdma }