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I want to reuse the washed yeast from a previous batch of beer in my next batch. Should I make a starter for it? If so, how much of it? I looked at MrMalty, and it seems to me they tell me not to make a starter for this. So how much yeast starter should I make? Should I just repitch the washed yeast?

{ asked by Flyhard }


You don't necessarily need to make a starter if you are re-pitching within a few weeks because the viability of the yeast will still be pretty high. But, if you store the yeast for much time you should always make a starter. This ensures that the yeast is still viable and it will help ensure the yeast are active so you don't have a long lag time during fermentation.

I frequently wash yeast for use in future batches and always make a starter. It gives me a little peace of mind because I know for certain that the yeast are viable before pitching.

{ answered by RobM }