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A pub and brewery in town does a delicious porter with caramel and coffee tones. What particular ingredients do I need to add to my mash to achieve this?

{ asked by hawkeye }


Black malt and Roasted Barley will deliver coffee notes. Using anywhere from 0.5lb up to 1lb of either (or in combination) per 5 gallon batch is the norm. Caramel notes are easily delivered from crystal/caramel malts. I have used a full pound of Crystal 60L in a brown ale and it had a real nice toffee/caramel punch to it. Using less than a pound of caramel or crystal malts is the norm per 5 gallon batch. Crystal malts come in a range of color/flavor values. Try a mix of C60 and C40, or a combination of C60 and C80 for more of a darker fruit flavor.

I also find that black malt with crystal malt is the best way to get coffee tones. As black malt alone tends to just taste like heavy roast. The crystal character really helps carry the flavors to a nice place.

{ answered by brewchez }