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I have an old jo and bokken that are quiet damaged after repeating hitting other fast flying pieces of wood. Is there a way to bring those back to life from an aesthetic point of view as they are find from a structural point of view. They just look fairly well worn.

{ asked by Sardathrion }


Usually, it's enough to give a light sanding with fine grit sandpaper and a rub down with boiled linseed oil. It's important to use boiled linseed oil, as it will properly permeate the wood.

If they were meant more for decoration or a trophy after years of service, and no longer intended to be used, a light varnish will give them a beautiful luster. Typically, it's this sort of varnish that's put on inexpensive and poorly made bokken, and tends to crack and chip away after little use.

{ answered by stslavik }