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Finding the right teacher is important.

While personal achievement has it merits just because someone is good at something doesn't make them good at teaching that same thing. Are there core characteristics one should look for? What kinds of questions should I ask to find someone that is right for me?

{ asked by Ryan Elkins }


Positive energy and attitude. You want to find an instructor who is there, and doesn't have his upper belts teaching all the time. Sit in and participate in some classes, make sure you feel comfortable with the school and how the other instructors handle themselves and treat students.

Too many times I've walked into a school and it's be constant yelling at the students or other behavior not suited for real learning. Martial arts is a journey, your instructor should still be learning as they teach you.

I always find it helpful finding out why the instructor got into martial arts, what drives them to be a martial artist, why do they teach and how are the continuing their martial arts journey.

Most important, make sure your comfortable with the school and all the instructors. If your not comfortable, or can't get comfortable, it won't be a positive or fulfilling experience.

{ answered by Swift }