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After heavy usage, boxing gloves and wrist wraps can get build up mildew and other nasties. What should I do the keep my gloves and wraps in good shape?

{ asked by Alan }


The problem with boxing gloves, is that they get moist inside, and don't always get a chance to dry. What you can do, is to crumble a few pages from your local newspaper, and stuff that into it. That will absorb the sweat, and they won't get molded.

I've also heard of people putting them in the freezer or out in the sun, but I'm not sure if any of these are good options. It seems most logical to me, to make sure they dry up properly.

As for wrist wraps, simply unroll them and hang them over something, and toss them in the washing machine once in a while. Fortunately, wrist wraps are inexpensive, and can easily be replaced when they're done for.

{ answered by Nix }