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I recently contacted McGraw-Hill to see if they have a mechanism in place for printing out-of-print books that are still of interest. Specifically, I asked about "Power programming with Mathematica" by David Wagner, as I am personally interested in obtaining a copy, and suspect that others might also be interested.

Here is the literal response I received from McGraw-Hill:

Good morning Todd,

If there was a high enough demand for the book there is a possibility. If you can let me know how many you're looking for, and the name of the school or business you're with I can contact the editor and check to see if there's something that can be done.

McGraw-Hill Education

First, please don't get your hopes up, as nothing may come of this; however, I am committed to seeing this through if there is sufficient community support to get the publisher to make it available again, if only for a limited time.

If you would be interested in purchasing a copy of Wagner's text, please respond in the affirmative by making a comment to this question, such as "yes, I would like to purchase a copy." In this way, I can directly "show" our community's interest to the publisher.

At this time, I can't speak to cost, but it is clear that we need a "critical mass" to get the publisher's attention to make it worthwhile. Keep your fingers crossed and show your support!

{ asked by Todd Allen }


To download a licensed copy of Power Programming with Mathematica by David B. Wagner, please click here:


Thank you to McGraw-Hill for granting me the license to scan and distribute this out-of-print text to the Mathematica community!

Thank you to Manfred Plagmann (aka matariki) for taking the time to carefully scan the entire text.

Thank you to Sophia Scheibe (aka halirutan's wife) for providing select scans of pages to Manfred to allow him to complete his work.

Thank you to Mr. Wagner for writing this text!

Happy computing everyone! Todd

{ answered by Todd Allen }