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I have used Mathematica for several years but at a pretty low level - piecing together built-in function inefficiently and fearing the sight of # and &'s when I see others use them (I never do). I would like to improve my skills.

Which book would be best to read for someone familiar with Mathematica basics but would like to learn more sophisticated uses of Mathematica?

{ asked by BeauGeste }


After having used Mathematica for a couple of years, more or less only to abuse it as a neat plotting and integral solving engine, Leonid Shifrin's Mathematica Programming was my first book that brought me closer to actually understanding how Mathematica works. I soon lost my fear of # & @ @@ @@@ /@ //@.

(Plus the book is free, and if you still need help: Leonid is a regular on this site.)

{ answered by David }