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I came across the following comment (From durable 3-season bag.):

don't forget that synthetic doesn't last nearly as long even if you take extremely good care of it (i.e. never compress it) – Ryley

It got me thinking if I might be packing my bag wrong. I store it in a larger uncompressed bag when not on the go, but on the go I use the tiny bag it came with.

I don't doubt the small bag is fine, but how do I take the best care? What should I consider doing to pack my sleeping bag best?

{ asked by Henrik Hansen }


Guidance that came with my extreme sleeping bags was to randomly stuff, as @Russell commented, trying to use a different pattern each time, and to hang it over a line and give it a good beating when you return home.

The small bags they came with seem fine - and they have lasted 10 years+ so far.

{ answered by Rory Alsop }