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We've all heard stories about how people saved their lives by drinking their urine. Is drinking urine safe when there are no other water sources available? Can I filter it with a water purifier?

{ asked by studiohack }


Assuming you don't have a genitourinary tract infection, fresh urine should be sterile, the problem is that it is a waste product which, apart from making it not taste very nice, means that consuming it will increase the concentration of waste in your body which will require an increased volume of water to absorb and subsequently excrete, resulting in you being more dehydrated. You could distil urine using a solar still to overcome this problem, such as this method, however, I wouldn't expect a filter (at least those designed for outdoor activities) to remove the salts and other waste compounds found in urine.

I've also heard of using urine to moisten your lips to lessen the symptoms of dehydration.

{ answered by Graham }