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I went camping a week ago and it was so cold. I woke up many times at night shaking because of the cold. I have a cheap and old Wal-Mart sleeping bag, and I am thinking about buying one of these $150 good Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags to avoid freezing like this again.

Is it a good idea?

Camping with a tent - I live in Canada. Daily temp 10 deg C (50 deg F).

{ asked by Conrad C }


How cold are you talking about? When you woke up, was there ice on your tent? Or was it 50F outside?

Anyways, to sum it up, sleeping bags generally boil down to this tradeoff:

Pick Two: Warmth, Small Size, Low Cost

If you are car camping, you should be able to find sleeping bags that will go down to 15F for $50-$75, but they will occupy well over 40-50 liters when rolled up.

While that size is prohibiting for backpacking, if you are car or RV camping, that should be no issue. You'll have to tell us more about your style of adventures for us to give you better answers.

{ answered by whatsisname }