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My girlfriend and I are going camping in Europe this summer and are starting off in Spain. We have this tent, and are looking into sleeping bags. We have also been keeping an eye on the weather in Spain at night time and are wondering whether a sleeping bag is actually needed? We don't really want to spend a load of money on a sleeping bag if we're just going to melt in them.

Maybe we just don't know enough about the right sleeping bags? We were thinking maybe just getting sleeping mats and a small blanket.

Has anyone got any experience that could help us decide what to do?

{ asked by Tom celic }


There are two problems with this question:

So what you want to do is look at the range of expected temperatures in the area you plan to camp, compare those with temperatures you are comfortable with and buy accordingly.

Myself- I would want a very light sleeping bag, or some blankets unless I was up in the mountains.

{ answered by Rory Alsop }