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I'm going to be winter camping, and I'm concerned about getting frostbite. What can I do to protect myself?

{ asked by Reverend Gonzo }


It is much better to avoid frostbite than to treat it. You can easily lose fingers and toes to frostbite. When you are camping in the winter, you cannot go into the lodge and warm up like you do snow skiing. You should really pay attention to frostbite.

If it is much below freezing and you have numb fingers or toes, you should take some kind of action. If you have more clothes, use them. Chemical foot or hand heating packs work well and can prevent frostbite. You can warm your fingers or toes on someone else's stomach. You might be able to move around a lot and warm up your fingers or toes.

When your body starts getting cold, it reduces circulation to your extremities (fingers and toes) and they get cold. If you can warm up your whole body, it will warm your fingers and toes.

You can also get frostbite on your face if you leave it exposed to the wind. Your face warms up easier than your fingers and toes, though. If you have any numb spots on your cheeks, ears, or nose, warm them up. You can also see fresh frostbite on a face -- it's usually kind of white colored.

{ answered by xpda }