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How do you dry wet socks when camping/backpacking if it's raining and the socks cannot be hung to dry outside?

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I've been compiling a list of recommendations on this subject for a little while. Please add to the list if you can. I hope you find this useful.

{ asked by Dowwie }


Sleeping with the socks on your torso is the most effective method I have found, and it does not require anything you wouldn't already have. For this, you just:

This works with a lot of things: socks, gloves, hats, anything that could get wet. You don't need a fire, extra fuel, towels, hand warmer, etc... Putting the socks on your legs also works but your core is a much warmer furnace. You can dry socks during the day using the same method.

I generally carry two pairs of socks: one to wear and one to dry. I alternate every night and morning, so that I am constantly wearing dry socks. I have found this to be critically important to be comfortable while being cold or wet.

NOTE: I am assuming synthetic or wool socks. Wearing cotton socks in the outdoors is generally a bad idea. After a few days of this method, your sleeping bag will start to accumulate some moisture, so it's a good idea to air it out when the weather clears.

{ answered by Felix }