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My wife and I, are going to a a location full of beaches.

My wife is 4 months pregnant and she wants to do a para-sailing session.

They take off from the beach, fly over the sea for 5 minutes and then land you back on the beach.

It looks gentle enough to me. There seem to be no jerks except a minor one when you take off.

So is it safe enough?

{ asked by arahant }


I never tried parasailing but I will not recommend any sport that might put excessive pressure on the belly of a pregnant woman. The amniotic fluid only protects against moderate pressures by decreasing the intensity of the pressure.

Last but not least, there have been a number of fatalities. I definitely agree with Rory Alsop, it is not a safe sport.

From this article:

Parasail.org, which bills itself as "the official parasailing information website," reports 384 accidents with 83 serious injuries and 28 deaths in the United States and its territories from 1980-2009.

A similar U.S. Coast Guard study from 1992-2001 totaled 59 accidents with 64 injuries and three deaths.

{ answered by Amine }