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Supposedly Down (and most other sleeping bag insulations) lose a lot of their thermal insulating properties when they are compressed.

When I'm inside a sleeping bag, obviously whichever side is on the ground is greatly compressed by my body weight.

Any ideas of how to reduce this?

{ asked by themirror }


I don't think it is a huge problem for most people. In a certain sense it is flawed by design; at least if you are concerned by weight saving.

You could use a top quilt. If you want extra insulation, you could also get a down-filled sleeping pad such as the DownMat UL.

Some bags will have variable filling with less down underneath for that exact reason.

If you always use a sleeping pad, some sleeping bags (e.g. Spoonbill UL) will simply have no bottom down fill based on that assumption.

{ answered by ppl }