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I have been living in the US for some time and I was surprised to see that these kinds of tents are pretty common now

enter image description here

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this "partial" rain fly in case of (heavy) rain, but never experienced it.

The fly of the tent I am thinking about looks like the picture on each side of the tent.

So my question is : how much does this kind of rain fly protect you from the rain? Can anyone share her/his experience on that point?

{ asked by Martin Van der Linden }


I have camped in a tent with a similar rain fly - it was fine in gentle rain, and I found it amusing in a force 8 gale with lashing rain - because it leaked about 11 litres of rain into the tent overnight (so my middle daughter ended up a bit damp)

My wife wasn't so keen, as she had never camped in storms before. I found it okay - if you don't like water in your tent, then don't get one of these.

{ answered by Rory Alsop }