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I'm 21 years old. And I dream to be a computer programmer, I really do. The problem is (I am going to get a bit technical here) that when i decide to learn a certain programming language that i see my self comfortable with, i hear someone says it has a small career market(sometimes that's true) or it's not that good(as he sees). But still, i found myself very comforted with it, and see myself can go somewhere by learning it, even if it has a small career market, i hope to be so pro at it that i can hunt job opportunities with ease..

But unfortunately, i find myself just turning around and starting all over with another language. Until somebody else change my mind. I feel like going.. no where .

I can't stick with a goal despite what others say..

And that's not only affecting computer stuff. It's affecting, most of my life decisions.

Can anybody say what's wrong with me, please ?

{ asked by Rafael Adel }


that when i decide to learn a certain programming language

I don't suggest it. Learning one or certain programming language is not good. I think first of all, you should learn Object-oriented programming without connected any specific language. After that, learn how many programming languages that you can. Try all of them. Make a small project for everyone. And this way, you can find which programming language is best for you.

Can anybody say what's wrong with me, please ?

Nothing wrong with you. Take it easy. Always open your mind new ideas and suggestions. But apply a few. Diversity means variety and wealth. Think like this; Who knows there are how many people in your around that you can benefits their information, experience and intelligence.

And you are 21 years old. I mean come on, you are in the beginning on the road. Believe me, you will make a lot of mistake in rest of your life and these mistakes get you experience. You choose being a programmer and it's great. How can you be a great programmer? Answer is: getting a lot of experience. How can you get a lot of experience? Answer is: Making a lot of mistakes and someday you will learn how to do right.

Remember this; No matter how good you are, always someone will be better than you.

Because; You can't know what you learn someone which you think "I know everything he/she knows"

{ answered by Soner Gönül }