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I want to improve my English vocabulary. I want to know some of the best ways to improve my vocabulary. How many words should I learn daily? What resources should I use?

{ asked by Ashutosh Dave }


Not "the best way", but a very useful resource I found some months ago: Vocabulary.com.

In a few words: it is a system that allows you to exercise vocabulary. It tries to guess your level based in the answers you give, and so it shows you the words you should not know yet, and when you fail your answer, it remembers them in order to show later again.

It has been very useful for me. I am learning vocabulary with a book, and for every word I need to exercise, I search for it in the dictionary available at that site, and click the option "learn", so when I take the test after that, the word will appear among the other words the site offers me.

{ answered by Nicolás }