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I work from home right now. I have an activity list that contains items that are career tasks and more personal tasks. Sometimes there is a fine line between what tasks go in which bucket.

E.g. Last night, after finishing my career tasks, I started working on a personal task of researching data api's. I didn't finish the task (I have a handful of Pomodoros left for it) Today, when I started my day, instead of continuing on researching data api's, I left that one incomplete and started on a career task of doing a coding tutorial. The plan is to come back to it after I finish my career tasks for the day.

For those seasoned Pomodoro users out there. Is this ok? Should I have finished the personal task before starting on the career task?

{ asked by milesmeow }


As someone who works from home, I understand this sort of complication. There are 3 categories for me. Career items that must be done, vocational development things that should be done, and personal tasks.

I consider Career items as things that should be done first. This is essential when working from home. At the beginning of each day I start out by planning these pomodoros and then add the other tasks afterward.

One option that I'm working on is to create a sharp division of time. Schedule a set time for each type of task. People who go to work leave work at some point whether or not they are done. Having the 9am-5pm hours (as an example) set aside for Career tasks will help us to focus and not push ourselves too hard career wise.

Effectively not finishing a task before moving on to something else is equivalent to those who work in offices needing to readjust their pomodoros due to co-worker urgent distractions. It is always okay to finish the current pomodoro and then shift the pomodoros so that you are doing something that is more important. This situation is even covered in the introduction materials.

So long as you do not divide the pomodoro and you prioritize those tasks that are most important, you are doing it right.

{ answered by Roseaboveit }