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Does it make sense to keep the Pomodoro watch on the top of all windows (computer) - all the time?

I mean is it helpful and sensible to "keep an eye" always (while working) on the Pomodoro watch ticking or is it a plain distraction?

Have some studies been done in this matter?

{ asked by TheIndependentAquarius }


I doubt that studies have been done on this aspect, so my personal take is no way! I should be able to pull it up and glance at it if I want to, but it would be a distraction if I felt I was somehow racing against it or being overly governed by it.

What could be nice is a 3 or 4 minute warning before the end. That way I could start to mentally prepare and make sure I'm at a good stopping point by the final bell. See this related question ...

{ answered by eflat }