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I am trying to implement the GTD system in my workflow, but there are some things I do not understand. For each project I work in, there is information spread across emails, mind maps, paper sheets and so on, so when it comes to define the next action, should I first have master plan prepared and then keep this list somewhere but just write down in the GTD system only the next action?

{ asked by flow }


If you have a long term plan (longer than just the next handful of actions), it would be useful to keep that as "reference material" that can be consulted at each weekly review and updated based on the outcomes of the week's new input and accomplished (or not accomplished) actions.

In my digital GTD system, I attach a note to each project to remind me where its reference material resides. Sometimes it's in a physical folder, sometimes it's in a Google doc, sometimes it's in email.

In summary, keep your master plan with your reference material, keep up to a week's worth of actions in the next action list. And don't skip the weekly review :)

{ answered by Articuno }