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Imagine I have started a pomodoro and in the middle of it I realize I forgot to take a kettle off the stove. It would only take me like 10 seconds - quicker than to take a note of the interruption - to simply turn the stove off.

Is this a violation of a pomodoro? Should I void it and start a new one for the sake of engraving in my brain the importance of prudent preparation for each pomodoro?

As a side note, GTD instructs to deal with all the tasks on the spot assuming the task takes under 2 minutes to complete. PT, by contrast, officially doesn't allow to deal with any (unrelated) task, however short, only allowing to take a note of it.

So might this difference between the two have some deep roots somehow?

{ asked by Alexander Shcheblikin }


Don't overthink this. If you forgot to take a kettle off the stove, you should go and take the kettle off the stove. No productivity technique is worth letting your house burn down. The purpose of pomodoro is to keep you from being distracted by mundane things like phone calls and emails, and not to make you ignore dangerous situations like a fire or an earthquake.

{ answered by Dima }