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I want, for example, to develop a game in Unit3d as my "pet project".

I have zero knowledgment of Unity, so I don't know if my game will take days, weeks, months or years to finish.

I thought about breaking up the project into parts, but I don't know what those "parts" should be! :/

I want to start the project now. How do I use GTD/Pomodoro to track this?

{ asked by Click Ok }


First of all; GTD, Pomodoro and planning are 3 different things!

GTD is basically a method to keep track of all your activities so you don't forget anything. From a GTD perspective all you need to do right now is to add the first step of your project to your to-do list (for example, go to the bookstore to buy a book on Unit3d). If you finish that activity, write down the next step on your to-do list. For more info on GTD see this post

Pomodoro is a time tracking method that tries to keep you from being distracted. Once you start working on your project, you start a timer and if you work for 25 minutes without doing something not-related to your project, then you get 1 pomodoro. If you log your pomodoros, you can look back and see how much time certain tasks will take. For more info on pomodoro see this PDF and for using GTD and Pomodoro at the same time see this post

To plan your project you can basically do two things:

  1. Reserve specific blocks of time to work on your project. For example, every thursday evening from 7pm to 10pm you commit yourself to work on your project. You won't know when you will be finished, but you know that you'll be making progress every week.

  2. Make up your own deadlines. Eventhough you can't create a long-term planning, you can make a short-term planning. Try to divide the first phase of your project in small blocks and try to set deadlines for those blocks. For example

    • step 1. Go to bookstore to buy book on unit3d -> 1 hour
    • step 2. Skim the book for most essential parts to learn -> 15 minutes
    • step 3. Read most essential bookparts -> 4 hours
    • step 4. Setup programming environment -> 45 minutes
    • step 5. Get acquainted with IDE -> 2 hours

The steps that are further away in the future are most likely the ones that are currently most difficult to plan, so don't plan to far ahead and revise your planning regularly.

{ answered by THelper }