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I think I may have an odd habit. When I'm working, particularly on something intense or that involves a lot of writing (e.g. a detailed and/or stressful email), after a while I tend to walk away from the desk, and round the room or the office, then sit back down and continue. Sometimes I think about the task at hand, but sometimes something else. It's almost a learned reflex for when I get to the end of a writing task, section, paragraph, email, etc.

I go through phases of doing this a lot - maybe every 5 minutes or even less. I think I'm trying to centre myself, and figure out what to write next, but I don't see anyone else doing it - sometimes when I'm in an office with someone else, I think they think I'm a little odd! More pertinently, it feels like I'm wasting a lot of time doing this.

{ asked by Andrew Ferrier }


I wouldn't worry much about it. In fact, walking around may be good for your concentration. Research has shown that walking can help increase your focus during the day. Also, moving around is generally good for your health; sitting for long periods of time should be avoided.

{ answered by Gruber }