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Money wasn't so important to me ever (no I am NOT rich), they cut my salary on my late arrival and I don't care.
My team lead doesn't grumble on my late arrival.
The deadlines here are flexible as compared to other companies.

The problem is that I waste time in talking to myself at home rather than going to office on time.

I should start at 7:30, but instead I start at 11:30 from home. There isn't anyone at my home who could push me.

I feel guilty of having a horribly disorganized life.

How to force myself to reach office on time?

{ asked by TheIndependentAquarius }


If you really want to change, you may need to work on:

  1. Knowing why it is important to be on time (intellectual)
  2. Understanding how to be on time (practical)
  3. Feeling it is important to be on time (emotional)
  4. Making it easy for yourself to be on time (environmental)

One of the reasons you have not changed already is that the sanctions imposed by your employer (cut in income) don't have a motivating effect on you, and that's because money really isn't that important to you.

So, what is important to you, and how could that be used to get yourself motivated?

There are several areas you mention in your question: your passion for music videos, the opinion of your team lead and the job itself. So, here are a few suggestions that focus on these areas:

Furthermore, some of the suggestions in these articles on lateness might be helpful to you:

{ answered by Kramii }