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I have a school competition coming up and because of school (and I'll admit, my laziness and other stuff like workout, running) I haven't been exercising for the competition. I read 100 pages out of 400.

Anyway, it's a programming competition and I still have 300 pages left. There are various problems and there are algorithms that are explained in this book and I'd like to read the book fully till tomorrow.

So, one day left before the competition, but I'm asking you advices on how to read this book and comprehend it better?

I know that I should've started earlier, but as I stated, I really had no time.

I'll have about 8 hours for reading, then I'll go exercise and run, shower then go to sleep.

So, your suggestions on this and is it possible that I retain most of the information (that I learn the algorithms presented in the book) in one day?


{ asked by TheGhost }


This is nearly impossible, and what you need to do is remove all distractions and start reading.



You're going to lose, but at least you took part. Right?!

{ answered by Daniƫl W. Crompton }