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I am frequently forgetting my personal belongings like spectacles, pens, etc. as well as basic tasks. Below are the top 3 things I have forgotten and suffered a lot

  1. Once I forgot my spectacles on a public bus and lost them. I suffered and paid a hefty price to buy new ones.
  2. Recently I forgot my scarf in the snowy weather and suffered because of it.
  3. In an office toilet I forgot to close the door and faced an embarrassing situation when a colleague opened the door.

I am unable to figure out the root cause. I think it might be lack of focus or too much distraction. But my specific question is:

How can I avoid forgetting personal belongings and basic tasks?

{ asked by BVR }


Overcome running on autopilot mode

Once your have figured out how to do something well enough, like catching the right bus to work, your brain likes to go on autopilot. After you have learned a habit you literally go through the motions in order to conserve mental energy and perhaps think about other things. That's probably why we come up with good ideas in the shower. Showering is an autopilot habit that frees our brain to do imaginative thinking. Not so helpful if remembering things isn't built into the habit.

There are a couple of new habits I have learned in order to remember to take stuff with me and not lose it or leave it behind.

To remember every day things I count them to make sure I have them

When I leave for work there are seven things that I absolutely must have before I leave for work. 1:wallet, 2:keys, 3:phone, 4:work badge, 5:glasses,6:tablet,7:make sure my zipper is up. There are a few everyday checklists I've memorized and usually use them when I'm leaving places. Another one I have when I leave a restaurant. 1:keys, 2:glasses, 4:phone, 5:credit card in wallet.

To remember important but infrequent things, I put them where I can see them when I leave

If i have something special to deliver the next day, for example a report, or something to take to the post office, I will put it in front of the door the night before.

{ answered by manuelhe }