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I had a conversation with my Russian-speaking friend and he used this phrase to describe his impressions of the newly purchased rifle. "Я тут паре типов своих показал его. Они выпали с аппарата." I barely understand that he show the rifle, but the other part is complete mystery to me. Is this some slang gibberish? What the meaning of this phrase?

{ asked by user1098 }


It's slang all right, but it's not gibberish. Without seeing the context, it can be roughly translated something like

I showed it to a couple of my mates. They were totally stumped.

(Note that I am using showed it, as you mentioned a rifle in there).

Word тип, apart from its main meaning type, kind is also used to refer to a person, usually in a somewhat derogatory manner, and usually a man, e.g. подозрительный тип could be translated as twitchy bloke (although word-for-word means suspicious man).

Выпасть с аппарата is one of a large number of slang phrases meaning to be totally stumped. Some other ones you may encounter are выпасть в осадок, офигеть и т д.

{ answered by Aleks G }