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On this question a comment by Martin H says, that one should forget about the subfigure and subfig packages and use subcaption. As subfig replaces subfigure, no argument there.

I am currently using subfig for displaying my subfigures and quite content with it. So I am wondering, what the advantages of using subcaption instead would be or if and why the use of subcaption is generally preferable to subfig.

{ asked by meep.meep }


Pro subcaption:

Pro subfig:

Please note that I'm the author of the caption & subcaption package, so this list is far from being objective ;-)

But is the use of subcaption generally preferable to subfig? IMHO no, because the subfig package is a fine (and well documented) one, and if one is contented with the subfig package there is no need to switch.

{ answered by Axel Sommerfeldt }