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I'm starting a PhD and am being overwhelmed with the different possible ways people do things, and how they very rarely mix.

I'm (obviously) sold on TeXing it, and have a ViM background I intend on continuing, and am using Mendeley for article tracking.

Can anyone suggest/recommend a 'system' guide for managing a thesis-size work in TeX including citing/referencing/bibliography, images and charts etc?

Another nice aid would be a way of integrating a project diary in the same system, but I'm open to experienced ideas about that.

I used TeX for my MEng thesis but I'll admit that at the end it was barely holding together with the equivalent of duct-tape and love, would like to start off this with a bit more contributed-wisdom.

Either way, unless the guide you recommend has already done an exemplary job, I plan on writing up my own 'guide' to hopefully help someone else down the line.

{ asked by Andrew Bolster }


As my late professor used to say "... anyone that writes a thesis using LaTeX deserves a PhD for this alone", good luck!

{ answered by Yiannis Lazarides }