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If a Facebook user dies, what happens to their Facebook account? Is it deleted after a certain period? Should their friends or relatives inform Facebook that they are dead?

{ asked by Mehper C. Palavuzlar }


You can report this to Facebook requesting that they remove the account or memorialize the account.

From Facebook FAQ:

How do I report a deceased user or an account that needs to be memorialized and deactivated or deleted?

Memorializing the account:

Please report this information here so that we can memorialize this person’s account. Memorializing the account restricts profile access to confirmed friends only. Please note that in order to protect the privacy of the deceased user, we cannot provide login information for the account to anyone. We do honor requests from close family members to close the account completely.

Removing the account:

Immediate family members may request the removal of a loved one’s account. This will completely remove the account from Facebook so that no one can view it. We will not restore the account or provide information on its content unless required by law. If you are requesting a removal and are not an immediate family member of the deceased, your request will not be processed, but the account will be memorialized.

To make a request to memorialize or remove a profile, please do so here. If you have a special request regarding a deceased user's account, please use this form. Please note that this form is only to be used for accounts that have already been memorialized.

The Facebook FAQ page can be found here

{ answered by Barry }