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I dont know what to do, my friends and I are being harassed. Also false mass reports from this person's fake accounts are also being directed to us. I have tried reporting her for harassment and then I have blocked her. I think the account I blocked is her alias (she actually confirmed this before).

She has threatened me and verbally harassed me. Now that I have her blocked she is false reporting everything my friends and I post on every page we go to. It doesn't matter what we post she gets on her multiple fake accounts that she has admitted to having and mass reports us one of my friends accounts have been suspended for only mentioning this person's fake account name but the account still seems to be active?

I'm so confused over the whole thing and a lot of us are thinking about just deactivating our Facebook accounts all together and using another social networking site even though we dont want to because we all adore and enjoy Facebook.

Is there a phone number to Facebook that I can call and an email address we can write to? It would be greatly appreciated.

{ asked by danielle bennett }


It is best to paper mail Facebook, rather than using 'report' links. It have tried this before and action was taken within 7 days of mailing a letter to them.

Their maling address is... Facebook 156 University Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605

{ answered by viclou }